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Hitachi Research Institute

President Message

取締役社長 嶋田 惠一

Hitachi Research Institute was established in 1973 at the initiative of Kenichiro Komai, then chairman of Hitachi, Ltd., who was a member of the Club of Rome. At that time, a new world order was being reconstructed in the wake of turmoil associated with the Nixon Shock and the first oil crisis. The Club of Rome sounded a warning in "The Limits to Growth" (published in 1972) about human development reaching limits imposed by a growing world population, environmental destruction, and the exhaustion of resources. We might say that even today, we are reaching a turning point. As awareness of the global environment, resources, and public safety heightens, the need for proactive actions on global agendas by governments and companies is recognized, where we also see actions to accelerate industry innovation through digitalization and work-lifestyle reform. As we are at a turning point, the role of think tanks looking to the future is becoming more and more important. With a range of engineering capabilities and knowledge based on the extensive experience of the Hitachi Group, we will focus on quality research that will be useful to management. We respectfully ask for your continued support.

Hitachi Research Institute
President Keiichi Shimada

Corporate Profile

Company name Hitachi Research Institute
Business fields
  • Research of social issues, like economy, society, environment and industry
  • Comprehensive research and consulting on management issues
  • Insight and analysis of market and business segments
  • Baseline data and information on the above research issues
Established May 31, 1973
Capital 200 million yen
Shareholders Hitachi, Ltd.


Chairman Ryuichi Kitayama
President Keiichi Shimada
Director Mamoru Morita
Director Akira Shimizu
Director Hideshi Nakatsu
Director Chie Mashima
Auditor Toshifumi Miki


Address Akihabara Daibiru Building, 18-13, Soto-Kanda 1-chome,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-8608 Japan


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