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Hitachi Research Institute

"Hitachi Souken" Journal

Cutting-edge articles from experts analyzing topics related to the global economy, society and markets.

Vol.19-1 (May 2024)

<Special Issue> Future Prospects through Generative AI

Inherit the Words
Kenichiro Mizoguchi, President of HRI

HRI Report
Future Mandala of Generative AI
Kenichi Shikano, Senior Manager, 3rd Research Department
Masayasu Watanabe, Senior Researcher, 3rd Research Department

To foresee the rapid development of generative AI, the authors present the “Future Mandala,” a broad scenario of social changes expected after 2030. Based on this, they create 3 scenarios related to environmental neutrality, super-aging society, and collaboration with AI were created, as well as the risks it poses and how to respond, and introduce startups that anticipate these changes.

How Far Will Generative AI Evolve? 【in Japanese only】
Hitoshi Matsubara, Professor, Kyoto Tachibana University

The author reviews trends in the development of Chat GPT and other generative AI, clarifies the current capabilities demonstrated by ChatGPT and GPT-4, and explains the issues and the responses of each countries to these issues. In addition, the author discusses future prospects in light of recent developments such as Sora, text-to-video generative AI.

Generative AI and Social Transformation: A Revolution in Desire Based on Collaboration with Generative AI 【in Japanese only】
Tsuyoshi Nagayama, Partner, Dentsu Consulting Inc.
Takuya Kagata, Principal, Dentsu Consulting Inc.

The authors explain the “Future Mandala through Generative AI,” a future scenario of social change after 2030 brought about by generative AI created by HRI, from their perspective. They also discuss how generative AI will affect consumers’ daily lives and what factors should be emphasized.

AI Governance in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape
Cathy Li, Head of AI, Data and Metaverse; Deputy Head of C4IR, World Economic Forum

The rapid evolution of AI raises the important issue of operationalizing AI governance. As AI continues to transform industry and society, the author argues for the importance of responsible development and application of transparent and inclusive AI systems, along with effective AI governance principles. Japan’s role in both technological innovation and ethical considerations are also discussed.

Philosophy and Ethics in the Age of Generative AI 【in Japanese only】
Hideaki Koizumi, Emeritus Fellow, Hitachi, Ltd.

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges, including changes in the natural environment and pressures on socioeconomic systems. While generative AI and other new technologies have the potential to provide innovative solutions, they also increase humanity's impact on the global environment. The author argues that we need a more comprehensive ethical perspective that is not human-centered but also includes harmony with the natural world.

Voice from the business frontier
The Frontier of AI Startups (PDF format, 704 kBytes)
Dinesh Wadhawan, Head of Corporate Venturing Office North America, Hitachi America, Ltd.

The head of the Corporate Venturing Office North America introduces the trends of AI startups in the region and the AI startups that have attracted attention recently. He also explains current initiatives and future expectations for collaborative activities between the Hitachi Group and generative AI startups.

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